The teen love concept is a valid one


Knight Templar
For oldcels all relationships are predicated on your income, your social status, your prior relationshits.

Only when at HS and maybe college can you have an authentic relationship of two people without transaction.

The problem women only want chad, and incels are more likley to ascend through meaningless transactional relationship if they aquire status and wealth as oldcels.

Every relationship as an incel seems to be some derivative of prostitution, its just the commodity being traded isnt always money.
you don't have to be chad/8 , just at least high tier normie age 12 to17 and learn how to say a few line like " i love you" blah blah blah to get with a virgin in the age range 11-17.

hundred of millions of guys have done this over the years and pay very little.
there a survey in my city, and sometimes the girl get a mcdonald happy meal afterward .

The End

Knight Templar
There is a certain naivety and give-in to new feelings that is unique in adolescence. Also there is a beauty in youth that is essential for a "pure" love. The aged flesh somehow dampens the romance.

Here's the thing: we're seen as mega-creeps for wanting lolis, right? Jailbait can date people their own age, but not anyone more than a year older. Why? Supposedly because there is an uneven power dynamic, but the real reason is because people think it's icky.

But speaking of power dynamics: how can we possibly relate to our peers? I'm pushing 40. You think I could possibly relate to any bitch my own age? The plot of 40 year old virgin is fantasy/ the gulf in experience is insurmountable.

I'm too old and gross to date people I have any chance of relating to, and I'm too immature to date anyone my own age. But what duz it matter? We're destined to remain alone under all circumstances. A is A.