Blackpill The Nice Guy


CEO of Toxic Masculinity
IT wants us to be nice guys when there is a sub called r/niceguy where foids relentlessly mock and make fun of these exact nice guys. IT doesn’t care about us or our cause. They just wanna appear as the good cool guy conforming to social norms. Why isn’t there a r/meanguy where this mythical bad personality guy is made fun of? IT may have the numbers but they definitely lack the brains.


CEO of Toxic Masculinity
This is a truth nobody told me and I only discovered it late in life. Women hate nice guys, they see them just as tools to use and discard
The problem is the parents who always tell there male kids to respect and don't hit girls, not to mention society is brainwashing males to think every toilet is a goddess and if you are lucky enough to get a 1/10 landwhale you should never leave her.

Just lick the ground that women walk on bro



Everything I posted is satire - Nostalgia#2598
I barely interact with femoids my age, but when I do I always intentionally act in a way that puts the interaction to a stop.


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IT doesn’t care about us or our cause. They just wanna appear as the good cool guy
It's all they want. These guys just want to have a punching bag to feel better about themselves. They are mostly trannies, homos, overweight women, poly shit, delusional post wall foids.

To be honest we mog most of them. It's just that Soydit thinks it's ok to let them laugh at us.


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Post-2020, its pretty clear the only " nice guys" desirable are Chad.
I wouldn't worry to much about IT. How the fuck are they going to refute, the now HUGE deluge of blackpills.
Reddit is a total joke allowing IT to exist. Since how is hating incels, not hate?
Retardit doen't have much of a future. Since the censorship is clearly political and biased.